The Waffle Stompers

The Waffle Stompers were founded in 2015 at The Juilliard School by Will Hawley, Sam Chess, Kalia Vandever, Jeffery Miller, Nick Lee, and Eric Miller. The group was founded in order to enter the 2015 International Trombone Association Kai Winding Jazz Ensemble Competition, which the group won. They performed at the 2016 International Trombone Festival in New York at Juilliard. Now the group is writing ¬†original music, as well as new arrangements of other’s music.

Now The Waffle Stompers are a working band in New York City, check the upcoming shows tab (here) so you won’t miss out!

The Waffle Stompers are on Soundcloud.


Trombonist, Arranger, Composer, Educator