Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama; Will began playing music at birth. At age 5 he started piano, and picked up the trombone while in Middle School band. A family that always was listening to a plethora of various musical backgrounds instilled him with a deep appreciation of all kinds of music.

At age 18 he moved to New York City to join the Jazz Studies program at The Juilliard School. There he studied with 3 of the top jazz trombonists in New York; James Burton III, Steve Turre, and Elliot Mason. He has played with legends and young rising stars such as Charli Persip, Helen Sung, Sammy Miller, Dan Chmielinski, Wynton Marsalis, Jeffery Miller, among many others.

While at Juilliard, he founded The Waffle Stompers, an 8 piece jazz ensemble featuring the 6 jazz trombonists studying at Juilliard at the time. In 2016, they entered the International Trombone Association’s ‘Kai Winding Jazz Ensemble Competition.’ The group won the competition and Will is now writing new music for the group, as well as arrangements of music by the masters of the past and they’re performing in the New York City area. To learn more about the Waffle Stompers, click here.


Will is currently the Music Director for the Swedish/Swiss singer Helena Hallberg.